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In the first step 🏅coin master daily links, Moon Active produces classic commercials for coin master 15 free spin link of last 5 days the different platforms and then plays them in the appropriate lengths in the newsfeeds, stories or as pre-roll ads on Youtube. A look at the switched ads on Facebook shows that the Coin Master page (more than 5.5 million fans on the platform) runs about 180 ads in Germany. On Instagram coins link 2019, there are 75 feed ads and 74 stories of ads. And also on Youtube Moon Active seems to be advertising in a big way – that is shown by countless reaction videos of big Youtubers like Unge (his reaction video alone has over 440,000 views).

In a second step, the influencers also post the ads coinmaster free spins organically on their channels, reaching hundreds of thousands of their fans. Bibi of Bibisbeautypalace (over 5.6 million subscribers on Youtube) goes one step further and tells in one of their videos – as if it were part of their daily routine – from their Coin-Master experiences. Of course, she also plays in an involuntarily funny commercial. Influencer expert Sven Wedig, founder and CEO of Vollpension Medien, told OMR that only placement in a video by Bibi should have triggered mid-five-digit costs coin master spin.


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How much a complete campaign including video ads and extension costs on the platforms, could say so flat but not. But if only placement in a video by Bibi costs five digits and comes to video shooting and payment of the ads, each campaign with the influencers is likely to go in the direction of six-figure costs. The Youtuber Mois expects link Dieter Bohlen with about 200,000 euros of expenses for sponsorship.

Lucky strategy game instead

But what’s the Coin Master game about? To sum it up: It’s about Moon Active wanting to make a lot of money. Because unlike the commercials with TV faces and influencers promise, Coin Master is less about attacking villages of their own friends or husbands. Rather, there is a kind of one-armed bandit in the center, which the player must press to collect coins (the currency in the game). With these coins, everyone can then build their village, whereby the construction of buildings makes no sense, except to reach the next level. Again, then a village must be built. And in the middle of it always the coin machine. The game is not new since the 2015 Coin Master is on the market. In Germany, however, the downloads only really go through the roof since the latest campaigns.

The central element of Coin Master: the slot machine

The attacks on the villages of friends by the influencers play a subordinate role and only serve the purpose of obtaining further coins. Coin master free In the end, Coin Master should make the players addicted to moving up to the next level (there are over 200) and trying their luck at the slot machine again and again. Both are possible coin master spin link today only with the use of coins or a lot of time. Players sometimes have to wait an hour to serve the slot machine five times, or they can watch commercials. If you have no patience, you can buy coins with real money or check sites that serves additional links for more coin master free spins and coins. A package of coins costs between € 1.09 and € 350.

It gets really perfidious with the pets that come in later levels. They are constantly in need of food, and users can not pay with coins, but only with real money. In the ratings, many players also complain that they were lucky enough to start at the slot machine and often scored three identical symbols. Later, the success has decreased noticeably. In higher levels, however, more coins are needed to build the villages. If it’s harder to make money on the slot machine, then for players who want to stay tuned in, only spend real money.

In-app payments alone bring huge revenue

Because of this gameplay principle, Moon Active can afford its more expensive influencer campaigns. According to estimates by the Priori Data analysis tool, the company has so far made over $ 280 million in revenue from the game. In June 2019 alone, German players spent $ 6 million on Coin Master, according to Priori Data. All of these numbers come only from in-app purchases for coins or food. In addition, the advertisements that players see if they do not want to spend any coins on the slot machine for another round should also bring further revenue. In one sample, most of these commercials came from the gambling industry.

Coin Master Statistics

Coin Master’s global downloads and sales in June 2019 (Google Play Store Coin Master only) (Source: Priori Data)