Coin Master Cards

As if Coin Master wasn’t addictive enough, there are also Coin Master cards. So you get the coveted collectibles!

The Coin Master cards you get depend on how advanced your village is, according to player reports. This means that the initial villages will hardly give you unique cards – but later villages are more likely.

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As you can see, you have the choice between a relatively cheap wooden chest, a golden chest and an expensive, magical chest. You’re probably already guessing it: the more expensive the chest, the higher the probability of even finding rare gold cards in it. However, there are other ways to get new cards. Double Cards can be passed on to other Coin Master players. This opens up the possibility for one or the other exchange, which may finally give you the one special card you have been looking for for so long. There are even extra exchanges for the best cards and the game will automatically suggest you link to a particular one on Facebook after a while.

All cm cards are divided into different sets and depending on how many villages you have arrived at Coin Master, additional set fields will unlock, which you can then fill with the corresponding cards list. So get yourself prepared for violent card-gathering fever!

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