If you want to become a true Coin Master Professional, you have to pay attention to these ten Coin Master tips! Because without the right Coin Master tips in mind, you will only progress at a snail’s pace in Coin Master in the higher levels – or even no more!
In the beginning, Coin Master is simple and you can play as you wish. No matter what you do, you’re still making good progress. The further you get, but the more expensive your Coin Master villages become and at the latest after Coin Master Dorf 50 you feel that this initially so harmless game is no longer so easy.
But don’t worry: we’ll help you with the ten most important Coin Master tips so you don’t get stuck! The following Coin Master tips are not arranged in any particular order. Just pick out the Coin Master tips that will help you the most personally.

1. Don’t leave Coin Master coins!

Coin Master almost always punishes you if you still have coins left after consuming all your Coin Master Spins and spending your Coin Master coins. Smaller amounts are quite painful, but with larger ones you can safely assume that Coin Master will not let you “save” you in peace on the nearest village building or similar, but instead your hard-earned Coin Master coins within a very short time offer any other players to prey on – and then it’s floss!
So spend left out left overbalances on chests if it’s not enough for your village. But even better, if you plan your Coin Master Spins with your desired spending – as far as this is possible with a (simulated) gambling. If you’ve played Coin Master for a while, you’ll get a rough sense of how many Coin Master Spins you need to scrape together how many Coin Master coins. Orient yourself to it.

2. Use the Coin Master Events!

But how do you get enough Coin Master coins for the coin master villages, which are especially expensive later on? Take full advantage of the Coin Master events, in which you get points for attacks and raids (“Attack Madness” etc.). These Coin Master events offer you better and better rewards in several stages – from pet food to Coin Master Spins to Coin Master coins. The amounts for the latter are often very high and help you to finish the very expensive village buildings etc.

3. Wait for enough Coin Master Spins!

Be patient! There is no point if you start Coin Master every hour and waste your five (by the way, there are more) free Coin Master Spins in the later game. Instead, wait until you have at least 25 Coin Master Spins available – more in later villages. With more Coin Master Spins you will also get more Coin Master coins. But if you always only get medium amounts together and then you have to leave them at some point, you know what happens to it.
Caution: There is an exception to the rule. If your village is already well developed and your mobile phone will let you know (bonus tip: turn on mobile phone notifications for Coin Master) that you have been attacked three times, so there is no sign left – then Start Coin Master and play! In this situation, protecting your village is paramount, not collecting enough Coin Master Spins.

4. Level the right Coin Master pets

… and do not underestimate them! Your Coin Master Pets can help you get enough Coin Master coins at the last moment to build the building you’ve been working towards for so long. Or your Coin Master pet protects your Coin Master village even when even the last sign is used up. Provided, of course, that you level up your Coin Master Pet accordingly.
Look at what they can do (after unlocking them using the cards), take care of them and use them! But don’t level up a Coin Master pet you don’t need. For example, we recommend giving your XP potions rhino rather than Foxy, as Tiger can prove to be a better coin earner than Foxy, especially in advanced gameplay. XP earns Tiger enough after each attack anyway, so you should give the XP potions to protect your villages.

5. Don’t start feuds in Coin Master!

Coin Master is about playing you off against others. This is probably one of the reasons why you often see the same players whose villages you attack and whose Coin Master coins you are supposed to steal. In addition, if you have Facebook friends who also play Coin Master, you’ll see them most often.
Of course, you should invite each other and ruin your respective progress essays in Coin Master. After all, this would be an advantage for Coin Master itself – but only a disadvantage for you. Try to avoid this as much as possible. Bonus Tip: Instead, give each other free Coin Master Spins and Coin Master Coins. This goes in the main menu about the item “Gifts”.

6. Keep only useful Coin Master friends!

If you’re presented with someone for an attack you don’t want to attack, tap the “Revenge” button at the top of the screen and then “Random” in the popping window (or pick someone from the list listed in the window). What you shouldn’t do is click on the “Friends” button.
After all, you shouldn’t start beef with your friends – that’s just the game you want (see the previous Coin Master tip). Don’t fall for it. And if one of your Facebook friends constantly attacks you, talk to him and unfriend him in an emergency as long as you play Coin Master. Then you have your peace. But tell him best beforehand why you do this to avoid unnecessary real-life drama. After all, you want to remain friends in real life.

7. Tricks Coin Master!

Coin Master is not as smart and waterproof as its makers might think. Coin Master can actually be outsmarted if you know-how. We have written a whole article with the best Coin Master tricks for you – just follow the link. Have fun trying it out!

8. Get free Coin Master Spins!

You don’t have to spend money to get plenty of Coin Master Spins. Find out how to get lots of free Coin Master Spins on this link.

9. Don’t underestimate the power of Coin Master cards!

Above we have already mentioned briefly that you unlock the Coin Master pets through the Coin Master cards. But that’s not all. There are Coin Master card sets to complete with an incredible amount of Coin Master Spins, Pet Potions and more!
How about, for example, 1200 Coin Master Spins and 30,000 Pet Potions? All you need to do is complete the Coin Master cards for the set called “Baba Jaga”. Such and similar rewards for completed card sets abound in Coin Master. How to get to the Coin Master cards, you can find out in this special: Coin Master Cards: How to get them!

10. Pay attention to your gambling behavior and your wallet!

Last but not least, the most important tip of all Coin Master tips: Don’t overdo it! Always keep in mind that the Coin Master game principle is at least partly based on classic gambling machines (the so-called one-armed bandits) – and they can be known to be addictive.
Combined with the fact that you can spend real money in Coin Master, it can be dangerous for you if you are vulnerable to such games. So sit back and then and look into your wallet or account: Do you spend more money on Coin Master than you had previously planned?
Or do your environment or activities in real life suffer from the time you spend with Coin Master? Then you better uninstall Your Coin Master. If you are a minor, we generally recommend leaving the fingers of Coin Master. Incidentally, this also applies to his numerous copies.