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Welcome to the snowy Alps! With a mountain hut and a slightly squinting deer in front of the door. Ulkig looks it. But it will be even funnier, because thick cats and lady truffles want to be collected. Playing Coin Master always means turning the machine? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Already in the description of link today 2019 the games app is the goal: “Collect all cards!” Now no barbarians and Vikings with combat values ​​such as Clash Royale, but no less interesting. Eventually, it lowers the vile goal for the coins for more money. Or?

Let’s take a look at the map collection in this Coin Master. How do you unlock free spins coin master them, get more cards and what are they worth? And why does the shark have a crown on it? He is the ocean king. But was not that guy with trident and beard. Lego players know more (“jumping off the edge of the pool”). So we can not answer all the questions about the cards and there is a reason for that (keyword: card list / how many cards are there?).

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Everything about the Coin Master card collection

In turn … village level 3, the third village with the Alpine theme of Coin Masters, unlocks her with the map collection another game feature. It brings some variety to the village farm. From now on, you will not only collect coins, but countless cards in many sets / collections. The activation of the map collection thus takes place automatically with a certain progress at Coin Masters.

There are a lot of map collections. As of July 2019, we have counted 50 total. link today 2019 blogspot Each collection has 9 cards again and who can count on, comes to a total of three cards. Or 1001. Or 9 times 50th Phew. Oh whatever. So many. And you do not have to know the exact number for coinmaster free spins, because here again you unlock further sets with the progress. The activation is quite irregular. In village 9 there is nothing, but in village 10 there are two again. Well.

Each card has a rarity value, measured in stars. From 1 to 5. The number of stars also says that you get this number of XP. There is also a golden card, recognizes it on the … golden frame:

Complete card collections are rewarded. With hundreds of tries, pets.

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Get more cards at Coin Master

You get cards like all other rewards at Coin Master. Almost. At the village conclusion or the purchase of a new village, she receives sometimes. If you attack other players you can dig out chests. And you can buy chests directly from the collection. So there are at least three ways for more cards at Coin Masters. Plus one for Facebooker:

Grab a chest while raiding
Receive them at the village conclusion
buy the chests in the store instead of leveling your village

But the best way is to exchange with friends at Coin Master and get a present. Inquiries and senders are only coin master rare cards list 2019 possible if you are connected to Facebook and do not play as a guest.

Finally, there is now and then a Coin Master Event “cards for chests”. Here you can exchange double cards for chests.

Due to the large number of cards, so 450, we currently have no list for Coin Master ready. What do you need them for? Just collect and watch what’s missing. Or?

On Ebay Classifieds we just found several offer for tickets at Coin Master. For real? I really mean? Who buys something like that?