🤑 How to get more coin master rewards. Coin master rewards be more rich coins more coins free for haktuts coin master and how to coin master boom levels. Coin Master is about building beautiful little villages with crazy themes of past, future and present, but to get from one village to another you need tons of gold. Of course, the game offers many opportunities to buy gold and spins with real money, often at a special price. But if you’re an F2P player, you’ll probably want to avoid these offers.

Coin master rewards

However, this doesn’t mean that every time you go to the village shop, a tear of frustration must roll down your cheek coin master rewards because you can’t afford any new upgrades . There are several ways to get the coins you need for free. We’ve put them all together below.

coin master 15 free spin link of last 5 days

coin master 15 free spin link of last 5 days

Get coins by spins

The easiest and most direct way to earn money in Coin Master is to use the slot machine within the game. Two symbols give gold – the coin and the coin bag coin master rewards, and you don’t necessarily have to land on three at the same time to receive a reward. Triple combinations are of course the most profitable for coin master rewards, but you’ll find that you get some gold on pretty much every spin.

Haktuts coin master

After using up your initial spins and haktuts coin master, you will receive another 5 every hour. If you have just started your first village haktuts coin master, you may be tempted to use these new spins as soon as they become available. However, we do not recommend this, because collecting spins will earn you more profit.

As you know, sometimes you have the opportunity to attack another village and collect money that haktuts coin master provides. This is something that other players will also try to do, which is why you want to avoid starting in a village if you can’t finish it in the same session. If there are no buildings in your village, other players will not have a target to attack. On the other hand, if you always use 5 turns at the same time, you have little gold to work with, must leave the village unfinished and thus reveal dangerous times.

coin master rewards

coin master rewards

Prepare yourself for perfect raids

Of all the ways to make money with Coin Master, looting is by far the most productive. For example: While in your first village you make about 50,000 from a combination of three purses in the slots, you make up to 1,000,000 by plundering another village. A useful tool here is your pet, with which you can dig not three but four holes if you feed it properly coin master rewards.


Each time you are attacked, four possible excavation sites are displayed. One hides the most coins, two have fewer and a fourth is probably empty. If you’re lucky and looking for more free spins and coins follow coin master free spins, you can plunder all available coins and get a massive cash injection, if not, there’s little you can get out of such a raid.

With a pet, on the other hand, you can dig up all four locations and make a perfect robbery. Just make sure the pet is well fed before you start shooting so you’re ready for a possible robbery.

Coin Master: Getting rich for free
Earn Free Spins

There is nothing better than landing three energy bottles with one turn, as this is the most obvious way to achieve new turns – ten at a time! Unfortunately, this symbol rarely appears in the slots, so you’ll most likely have to find other ways to get more free spins.

Coin master boom levels

One thing Coin Master will offer you coin master boom levels again and again is to connect the game to your Facebook account. The incentives are attractive and include 50 free spins coin master boom levels, 1,000,000 coins and the ability to add friends to your list.

Once they have accepted your request, you can send them spins and gold without consuming your own coin master boom levels. Of course, they will probably return the favor. You will also receive 25 spins for each friend you have invited to the game and who has consequently signed up. Overall, this is a fairly consistent way to get more free spins every day.

coin master levels

Finally, don’t forget to always check the bottom right corner of the slots screen when using your spins. If you see an energy bottle there, you can click on it to watch a short commercial for a spin. You can earn about four free spins at a time and the offer is available several times a day.

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